How To Get Started



1. To complete your course, on our website, please click ‘Portal’ in the navigation bar- This will prompt you to sign in using the email address you purchased the course on. You can go directly to the portal here.
2. Here you will find our courses broken down into modules so it’s easier for you to go through, you will also be able to download all of your manuals from here as well.
You can also download your manual from the portal.

Under the section that
 says 'manual' click into it and do not tick the box click on the Word 'manual', scroll up and you’ll see a link and you can download the Word document.

If you don’t have Microsoft Word, you can view this on your mobile phone
3. Once you have completed your course make sure you read the completion section and submit your work within the form found there to receive your certificate- your first digital certificate is free, but replacements will be charged at £10. 
4. Once you have received your certificate you can contact our recommended insurance company. Approach them using the link here to receive a special 10% off courtesy of our partnership. Click here for 10% off.