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I haven’t been emailed my manual/ I can’t find my manuals- where is it?

If you go to the portal and look on the right hand side, there’s a big section that says manual you download from there

I haven’t received any confirmation of my order ?

Please check using this email address for your order as sometimes they can go into bin spam, junk or promotions

How do I submit my case studies?

Please go to the gaining your certificate section on the portal and follow the instructions there.

My videos won’t upload

It’s much easier to do this from your phone and we only need very short video clips. If they are too long, they will not upload. Also, if you’ve missed anything section off the form it won’t up.

I’ve gone into the portal, but I can’t upload the videos?

Please give it a moment. Often, it’s because your Internet is slow or it is taking time to upload the content.

How do I go in and out of the lessons on the portal?

On your phone or tablet device. If you look to the bottom right there is a blue circle so you can easily go in and out using that.

On computers, you will see the word 'portal' in the navigation bar.

How do I contact a Tutor?

Please email us on: appointments4elizabethsands@gmail.com

I submitted my work and I haven’t heard anything

It can take a few days for you work to be reviewed and approved. 

If you are waiting for a long time period, it will be because you’ve missed the email, so please do a search for noreply@jotform.com.

If you have still not received this after 5 days, please contact us directly.

Are you courses fully accredited?

Yes, they are with ABT and CPD Accreditation Group

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you will

Can I get insurance for online courses?

Yes, absolutely you can and we can also recommend a broker for you to work alongside.

I haven’t received my certificate?

These can take a few days to deliver to you as the tutors need to mark your work and approve them. 

If you have been waiting for longer than 3 working days, do a search in your inbox for certificates@simplecert.net to see if you have received it without knowing.

If you have not received after 5 working days, contact us directly.