Frequently Asked Questions

Are you based in the UK?

Yes we are based in Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK.

Are you an accredited beauty school?

Yes, we are accredited to the highest standards. We have three accreditations in multiple countries which are: ABT AIT and CPD Accreditation Group.

Do you require case studies?

Yes, this is a very important part of your beauty education as it confirms you are ready to go out into the real work and take on new clients with your skills.

What products do I need if I am not buying a kit?

Under each kit, you will see a description of what is contained. If you aren't purchasing the kit to go alongside your course, referencing this is a good place to start in getting your items elsewhere- although the quality and cost won't be as good as us!

Is you a course is suitable for beginners?

Yes, are courses are designed to allow anyone to enter the world of beauty and begin learning a new skill that they can turn into a business themselves. 

How long do I have to complete the course?

For multiple courses, there is no time limit. However, for singular courses you have a 6 month period to complete this within.

Can I fail the course?

We are proud to say we have a 100% pass rate at the Elizabeth Sands Beauty School and this figure has resulted in the birth of many businesses in the industry

Is there support during the course?

Yes, we are extremely supportive of our clients, ensuring they have the best experience possible. That's why for 6 days a week, we ar eon hand to support your needs.

How do I download the manual?

Click on the word manual in the portal and simply download the document to your computer or phone.

Is my account ever deleted?

No, you have lifetime access to your account so if you ever become unsure or simply need a refresher, you can hop back into the portal to have another look over the resources.