Rocket Fixx Glue

Rocket Fixx Glue

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Rocket Fixx Glue is the first of its kind to hit the UK.
This new Fast set 1 to 2 seconds  hybrid glue is toxin-free with maximum retention up to 6 weeks!
  • Without chemicals Formaldehyde, Hydroquinone and Latex
  • Secure lashes with amazing retention
  • Recommended by Lash Professionals.
  • Animal cruelty-free product
This new hybrid in glue is fast-acting with maximum retention.  This advanced eyelash extension adhesive is developed to achieve maximum retention on the lash without the risks to the client.  The black pigment provides extra precision and depth to your lashes.  This glue is manufactured in the UK containing no harmful ingredients reducing toxicity such as hydroquinone the well known carcinogenic ingredient used in 90 percent of lash glues.   The glue does not also contain latex or formaldehyde and has little odour.  Always best used with eyelash primer and Lash Retention to provide a maximum bond to the lash.


To achieve a good bond for eyelash extensions air quality, room temperature and humidity all impact how adhesive works and how a bond is formed.

Humidity and how to deal with it

When applying eyelash extensions your room temperature should be between 16 and 24°C and your humidity for our glue should be be around 55 degrees . 

To monitor your humidity levels we recommend you use a hygrometer which measures the humidity and moisture in your treatment room. If you find your room humidity is too low or too high, you need a de-humidifier or humidifier.  All of these can be bought in expensively off eBay or amazon 

Glue must be shook before every dispense and burped by tapping it on stone so no air in it .  Dispense a 1 cm round amount and do not keep dipping in the same area .

You must keep bottle closed tight at all times and don’t leave lid off during application or storage .  Nozzle must be cleaned at all times with wax strip not cotton fibres if u have glue on your nozzle it will affect the glue. 

Do not do lashes if lash lift or brow lamination vapours in room so good ventilation is essential also for your own health if using other glues with toxins in.  If using glues with toxins in over time you can become allergic this is why ours is toxin free.  Hydroquinone is due to be banned this year in the UK so if u are not using a hydroquinone free glue which is a carcinogen then you will need to find one . 

Do not lash above a hair dressers or sun bed shop .

Do not store glue next to hair dressing solutions .

Hot Weather 

Always lift a bigger bead in hot weather especially on the eye furthest away from your stone 


Fast set glues also can be an issue when it’s hot

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