Combined Hyaluron Pen And No Needle Fat Dissolving Course

Combined Hyaluron Pen And No Needle Fat Dissolving Course

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Elizabeth Sands is a multi-award-winning academy based in the UK & Ireland 

This is the hottest trend to hit the beauty industry.  The Hyalauron pen (no needle filler) has taken the industry by storm.  More and more people are opting for non evasive safer lip treatments.  The Hyaluron pen unlike traditional injections uses pressure to penetrate the fillers into the upper dermal layers with minimal pain.  The treatment is perfect for clients who want to opt for safer treatment and is more cost-effective.

You will learn to shape, enhance and add volume to the lips in a painless way.  Also, we include other areas of the face for no extra cost!

The no-needle fat-dissolving course is a revolutionary technique that can dissolve local fat.  It reduces unflattering and stubborn areas of fat and cellulite without evasive needles or liposuction.

This technique is done with the no-needle hyaluron pen so there s no downtime and no pain.   Clients need a course of 3 to 5 treatments every 20 days.

Please note you need to be trained in the hyaluron pen to be able to buy this course

What the course includes: 



Marionette Lines

Nasolabial Folds

Health & Safety

Crows Feet

Jaw Line


Health & Safety

Lip A&P

Aftercare & Prepare



Fully accredited with CPD Accreditation Group

Our Optional Kit Includes : 

  • 0.3 & 0.5 convertible Hyaluron pen CE Certified
  • Filler  CE Certified 
  • Practice latex sheet
  • .03 Ampules
  • Sterile wipes
  • Fat Dissolving product £80, not pen