Combined Builder In A Bottle And Nail Shaping

Combined Builder In A Bottle And Nail Shaping

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Elizabeth Sands Beauty School is an award winning training school .  We train students worldwide and have one of the best reputations in the market

Builder in a bottle is created using next-generation technology.  It is by far stronger than gel polish and does not lift or chip.  It promotes the growth of the natural nail, this course is for overlay only and if you are wanting to learn gel extensions then that is our gel extensions course.

It can also be used to build tips and sculpt on forms.

It sets under a LED lamp for 30 seconds ideally using a 48 watt lamp 

You can use it as a base and gel polish over the top or use it as a color

What the Course Covers:
Nail Anatomy
Health and Safety
Contraindications & Consultation 
Practical demonstrations
Fully Accredited with ABT/AIT Irish and CPD Accreditation Group

With our nail shaping course will guide you on how to shape nails perfectly.  

You will learn the different shapes:

1. Square
2. Almond
3. Coffin
4. Stiletto

This class is ideal for anyone who is not confident in shaping or simply does not want to learn nail enhancements but still wishes to be able to perfectly shape. This is an absolute must when working on customers.

Seven-day support for the course.

This is a one-day course.