Body Sugaring Course

Body Sugaring Course

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What are the benefits of Sugaring?     

Sugaring doesn’t stick to skin, it only binds to the hair, whereas wax pulls your skin when removing hair. This makes sugaring especially good if you have sensitive skin as it causes less irritation and isn’t as painful as waxing.

You can also easily clean up after sugaring by simply using water to rinse off, as all of the ingredients in the mix are natural, so they dissolve. The biggest benefit of sugaring is that the cost per service is higher than waxing.

Other benefits include: Your hair growth reduces over time and lasts longer than waxing It’s suitable for skin conditions and pregnant ladies Fantastic for people with facial hair.

This classroom-based training is an intensive, fully certified, one-day course teaching you the latest body sugaring techniques for a fraction of the cost of learning a single method elsewhere.

Our small class sizes, one on one instruction, and exceptional follow-up support has helped previous graduates go from zero clients to over 50 from home or in a salon

  • 1-1 teaching
  • Full Health & Safety Training
  • Full Practical
  • Fully Accredited for Insurance
  • Model needed for Sugaring (Provided by student)
  • Includes Kit
  • 1 Day Course
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